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The Modesta Story - Tomo Kashino
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The Modesta values


At Modesta, transparency has always been a core principle. We always disclose all information possible and stand to answer every question asked. While some aspects of our business remain confidential, we always strive to explain why that is the case.


We never compromise on quality. We believe that all products in our line up are unique and highest achievable quality, made using the purest high grade chemicals available. We never release products that would only be "just".


Founded in Japan, Modesta lives and stands for Japanese traditions. Honor, pride and honesty is what guides us in our business decisions. Those make up the soul of our company, that we are proud of and that will be our legacy for many years to come.


We believe that education is the most important part of our business. Not limited to pure product and technical knowledge, we continuously try to relay the values and philosophy Modesta stands for to installers as well as customers.

A view behind the scenes